Thema: E-learning in Distributed Data Network Laboratory - EdiNet

Laufzeit: 11/2007 bis 10/2009, 11/2009 bis 10/2012 Bereitstellung der Lerneinheit

Projektleiter: Prof. Dr. Richard Sethmann

Mitarbeiter: Stephan Gitz and Master students


Project aims to achieve the best and the most effective results of Data Network education and that require proper Laboratory equipment. Studying technology is very device oriented and costs of executing teaching could rise very high. Without the sufficient laboratory exercises students don’t assimilate data network devices distinct and real operation. This fact also raises the need for new pedagogical approaches: how to make the students to learn in most effective way. Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences aims to establish a semi-virtual campus between European partners.
The main aim of the project is to create an e-learning and e-research environment based of the ideas of a life-long learning for the students, experts and researchers in special focus of promoting data network management competences.

The biggest difference if you compare to traditional e-learning environment is that the exercises can be done through Internet connection using real devices interactively. Configurations that are used for tasks can be saved for next time. The Laboratory network can be used also as a research and test base. Based our knowledge, this is a unique e-learning environment, which will revise and develop the Data Network laboratories as a platform for efficient e-learning.
The aim is to realize remote distance learning and develop and test innovative pedagogical models in Distributed data network environment.